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4/13/19 - WE are currently being targetted by users reporting our certificates. Apps will be fixed but eta is unknown.

Need Help?

The easiest way for me to help you would be to contact me on twitter @Emus4you! Though if you do not have a twitter you may email me at [email protected]

Unable to download app/verify!

This usually means the certificate was revoked, please delete the app in question, then wait for us to update it with a new certificate. Also this error can be called if your trying to install a ++ app without deleting the origin app first

I get untrusted enterprise developer!!

To fix this issue, please head into your settings app, scroll to profiles, then click the certificiat name; click trust.

Cannot connect to iinstaller.net

This usually happens when the apps have been revoked. (stop working) Please try downloading again in a few hours.

Add this app!!!!!

You may request apps on twitter, though these may not always be met.

My app started crashing!?!!

Please delete and reinstall.

Server status: status