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Multi Device Support

Doesn't matter what iOS device you have! Our service automatically adjusts to support your device!

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All you have to do to begin is click the yellow button, and your done!

Easy use

Our app is super easy to navigate, and with support always at the ready if your ever confused.

Always improving

Our service is always improving within it's requests from its users all around the globe!

User friendly

Our app can be customized freely to your needs!


"Emus4u helped me record priceless videos."

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Awesome Features

We currently have lots of cool features available for users who are against jailbreaking their iOS Devices. These features can range up to recording a users screen, to cleaning up junk temporary files left off from deleted apps. Alongside We also try to have weekly updates, in which these updates we make changes and improvements based on users requests to our site. We want to guarantee there will be no issues! We have also made sure our app was clean & organized. At the moment we have it set up into categories based on what your looking for, to make your experience on our service hassle free! We even have added optional themes you may download if you feel the current one it doesn't fit your style right!

Video Demo.

Here is a video that explains one of our hosted apps.

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Our team is always trying to improve our service for it's users, if you think you found a bug or just even have a question with our product, please contact us below! You may also contact us on twitter HERE

Our servers are high end in performance, bringing you a very fast connection no matter where you live!

Our support team is very experianced and always ready to help! NOTE: Your email will usually take 2-3 days to read.

Supports all versions of iOS.